Monday, February 18, 2013

Steelers' Draft: Why not Chance Warmack?

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Joey Porter's Pit Bulls just can't let it go.

We've written previously why the Steelers' won't draft an offensive lineman in the first round this year, but ...

We keep coming back to the offensive line, and two players possibly being available at Pick No. 17. They are Chance Warmack, G, Alabama (the very first name we gravitated to in January as a possible first-rounder for the Steelers), and Lane Johnson, T, Oklahoma, who might be able to step right in at left tackle in the new offensive line scheme being installed by Jack Bicknell, Jr.

The good writers over at the excellent Steeler Depot blog make a case for Chance Warmack, the Alabama guard who demolished Mante Te'o (and others) in the BCS Championship game.

We still don't believe it's going to happen, and neither does the Post-Gazette's Ed Bouchette, yet we still keep coming back to one question: Why not?

The answer is that the Steelers invested first- or second-round draft picks in four players during the past three years, and those picks count disproportionately against the salary cap for a single positional area, in this case, the offensive line.

If Chance Warmack is the best player available, however, Why Not?

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