Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What is "The Line"?

Besides noting once again that "the standard is the standard," Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said something in his news conference today that makes us wonder, "What is the line?"

Replying to a reporter's question about how he would assess the play of linebacker Jason Worilds, Tomlin said, "He has been above the line." 

What does that mean? What is "the line"?

For the record, Jason Worilds made one tackle and assisted on another in Cincinnati. Maybe that's "above the line" compared to fellow linebacker Larry Foote, who had zero tackles and just one assist. We thought linebackers in the Steelers defense are supposed to do more than that.

On to other matters ... the bye week has provided a nice interlude to relax and watch goings-on in other realms. Pittsburgh native Tyler Palko made his first NFL start for the Chiefs last night against New England. Palko did some good things but threw three interceptions, and Kansas City lost, 34-3. Next up for him: his hometown Steelers at Arrowhead next Sunday. The Patriots, then the Steelers -- that's a baptism by fire.

Speaking of the Patriots, they have the NFL's easiest schedule the rest of the season. Of course they do. Because the Ravens mounted that 92-yard drive against the Steelers and then beat the Bengals on Sunday, the Steelers are back in second place and need the Ravens to lose at least once.

San Francisco is the best bet to beat the Ravens. The two teams square off in Baltimore on Thanksgiving evening. This will be a tough test for both squads, and we shall watch it with interest.

Joey Porter's Pit Bulls have been busy with life-stuff the past week or so. With the bye week behind us, we plan to  resume posting on a more regular basis (hopefully every day) than we have the past few days. There's plenty to talk about!