Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Dewey Defeats Truman

In Saturday's edition of The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, "reporter" Mike Prisuta cited "a source in Pittsburgh" as confirming that Russ Grimm had been offered and had accepted the job as new head coach of the Steelers.


On WDVE-FM this morning, Prisuta backslid and hemmed-hawed about reporting such a grievously erroneous story, and because of this disingenuousness, we can't let it go. Neither can Ryan at Heels Sox and Steelers. Prisuta should be embarrassed, if not ashamed of himself. At the very least, he should step up and admit he made a mistake. People forgive mistakes.

From the Insomniac's Lounge

In Monday's entry titled, "Super Bowl Shuffled," Insomniac's Lounge has a typically on-point yet skewed take on the state of the NFL playoffs, media coverage of the two Super Bowl coaches, religion, histrionics and general tomfoolery. It's worth a read, and you'll get lines like the following:

"The passes Brady was tossing to Caldwell were so soft, even Terrell Owens could have held on to them. But Caldwell was dropping them like Bill Belichick drops a mistress."

Hot Stove Update: The Post-Gazette's Brian O'Neill, also known as The Stats Geek, makes a compelling argument for the following Pirates lineup order, from slots one through eight: Chris Duffy, Freddy Sanchez, Jason Bay, Adam LaRoche, Xavier Nady, Ronny Paulino, Jose Bautista and Jack Wilson.

We couldn't agree more. It makes so much sense it will never happen.