Monday, May 16, 2011

Pirates Walk the Plank in Milwaukee ... yet again

It's uncanny ...

Listening to the Pirates radio broadcast of Sunday's game vs. the Brewers in Milwaukee, bottom of the first just underway, and Bob Walk says ...

"I think Kevin Correia's going to have a good outing today, and in a moment I'll tell you why."

... words punctuated in rapid order by:
  • CRACK! -- lead-off line-drive single to left
  • BANG! -- line-drive single to center
  • BOOM! -- Ryan Braun three-run homer
  • WHAM! -- Casey McGehee home run
  • PAUSE -- visit to the mound by Clint Hurdle
  • CRACK! -- line-drive base hit up the middle
It was 4-0 in a heartbeat, and Bob Walk never did explain why Kevin Correia was going to have a good outing.

We're still waiting, Bob.

With yesterday's loss, the Pirates record in Milwaukee since 2007 fell to 3-33.