Sunday, February 19, 2012

All It Takes Is a Little

Todd Haley and Antonio Brown, as Tweeted last week by Mr. Brown. "Eyes Up. Chest Up. Prayed Up."
Kudos to Antonio Brown for (apparently) seeking out new offensive coordinator Todd Haley on Friday, Feb. 17, if what Dale Lolley reports on NFL From the Sidelines is accurate.

Young Mr. Brown Tweeted a photo of himself and Haley at the Steelers' facility on the Sahsthside.  Apparently, Brown, who is having an interesting off-season, flew into town last week and -- gasp! -- actually sought out Haley with the express intent of, uh, y'know, meeting Haley or something.  Imagine that.

Maybe this small example of enthusiasm, leadership and "want-to" is an example of why Brown's teammates voted him (instead of you know who) as the team's MVP last season.  Keep in mind that Antonio "First Down" Brown is all of 23 years of age.  As Brown himself would say, "Chest up. Eyes up. Prayed up."

Geez, isn't reaching out to a significant newcomer like Haley something one might expect the franchise quarterback might do?  Or, even more so, vice-versa?? ... especially considering Haley and Roethlisberger were in the same building at the same time the week before last.  

Then again, maybe we're reading too much into this non-meeting thing, as suggested in this wickedly funny and exceptionally well-written piece by Sean Conboy at Pulling No Punches.