Friday, October 05, 2012

What to make of the Eagles?

Welcome, Philadelphia Eagles fans.
What do we know about the 2012 Philadephia Eagles?  On the plus side for them, they're coming off a solid win against the New York Giants.  

Philadelphia's defense is good, very good, with a high-pressure pass rush and a tight-covering, ball-hawking secondary.  Edge: Eagles.

Their top running back, LeSean "Shady" McCoy is also very effective.  Their special teams are well-coached (Bobby April), so they may have an edge over the Steelers in that department.

Coda is watching.
On the negative side, however, their "field general" remains the over-hyped, over-rated Michael "Dog Killer" Vick, who is a convicted felon attempting to impersonate an NFL quarterback.

Setting aside the fact that Vick, at 32 years of age, is  still not a consistently good quarterback, Vick retains the image of a reptilean cretin; a slimy, self-centered, remorseless, loathsome blockhead without conscience; and an overpaid whiner.  

More relevant to Sunday's game at Heinz Field is this:  After approximately 10 years in the NFL and nearly two years in the federal prison system, Vick is simply not a particularly good quarterback.  Which is worse?  His inaccurate passing?  Or, the fact that he is skittish, brittle and turnover-prone?  Yeah.

What?  For Vick, you expected roses, bon-bons and bon mots from a blog named Joey Porter's Pit Bulls?