Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving With Joey Porter's Pit Bulls

It's been just more than three years since we launched Joey Porter's Pit Bulls. During those three-plus years, we've had many wins and too-many losses, a ton of belly-laughs, a Super Bowl Championship with the Steelers, a Stanley Cup Championship with the Penguins and three more seasons of futility with the Pirates. We flirted briefly with a new identity ("Steel Triangle"), but it didn't feel right, so we slobber on as Joey Porter's Pit Bulls.

We have much to be thankful for, hanging preposition notwithstanding. Happy Thanksgiving to one and y'all (or "yinz 'n 'at", as they say in certain parts of Pittsburgh).

In the spirit of the holiday, we revisit and refer you to
"Big Daddy Drew's Thanksgiving Itinerary" the classic write-up first posted two years ago on Kissing Suzy Kolber and, for that matter, linked to on Joey Porter's Pit Bulls way back when.

It's juvenile but so much better than anything we could write. Enjoy.

Animal Rescue League Dog of the Day


is swee-eeet.

According to one of the ARL staffers who's gotten to know her recently, “Iris may not be the cutest, but I wanted to mention that she is very easy to walk, no pulling whatsoever. “

Joey Porter's Pit Bulls may take issue with the first clause in the quoted sentence. Iris may not be the “cutest”... but we'd say she's in the conversation.

Iris needs a home.

You can visit Iris in person/dog at
The Animal Rescue League of Western Pennsylvania,
located at Fifth and Hamilton in EastSide/EastLibertySide/Shadyside/Point Breeze
... or whatever the realtors are calling my neighborhood these days.

It's near Trader Joe's and the Nabisco plant
(now being developed as Bakery Square).

= = = =
Animal Rescue League of Western Pennsylvania
6620 Hamilton Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 15206

= = = =

Tel: 412-661-6452

"Everybody should have a dog."
-- Frank Dunn