Friday, January 23, 2009

The Terrible Towel is Out of This World

But then you knew that already. Click here to view a NASA astronaut's video of the Terrible Towel in space. Myron would be proud. "Yoi and double-yoi!!"

As Myron himself wrote,

"The Terrible Towel is not an instrument of witchcraft.
It is not a hex upon the enemy.

The Towel is a positive force that lifts the Steelers to magnificent heights
and poses mysterious difficulties for the Steelers' opponents only if need be.

Many have told me that the Terrible Towel brought them good fortune,
but I can't guarantee that sort of thing because the Steelers, after all,
are the Towel's primary concern.

Still, at the least ... if it causes good things to happen to you, so much the better."