Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Welcome Back, Max Starks

Max Starks is back to lend a helping hand.
For those of you wondering why the Steelers kept second-year tackle Chris Scott, welcome to the club. We're still wondering.

It's a moot point now, however, as the Steelers replaced Chris Scott (not to be confused with starting left tackle Jonathan Scott) on the roster today with eight-year veteran veteran tackle Max Starks (6'8", and at least 345).

Starks is a sight for sore quarterbacks. It remains to be seen how much playing time he will get, but it is reassuring to know the reliable, affable and massive Starks is back with the Steelers.

A sign, perhaps, of how little the Steelers thought of Chris Scott is that the team cut him instead of tackle Jamon Meredith (6'5, 304), a third-year player now with his fourth team. The Steelers signed Meredith just after the season-opener to replace Willie Colon, now on injured reserve. The team's depth chart lists Meredith as the third option at left tackle behind starter Jonathan Scott and newly signed Max Starks.

Curiously, the depth chart lists no backup to Marcus Gilbert at right tackle, but with "position flexibility" on the line, somebody (Trai Essex, Ramon Foster, Starks or Meredith) surely would step in at right tackle, if needed.

Practice Makes Perfect, Hopefully
In case you were wondering, the Steelers have two rookie offensive linemen on their practice squad: 24-year-old Trevis Turner (6'7", 330), an undrafted tackle out of Texas Abilene; and 23-year-old John Malecki, (6'2", 298) an undrafted guard out of Pitt.