Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Confirmed, we're still here.

Sorry for the uncharacteristically lengthy absence. We're still here, as noted in the prior post about The Rapture.

A few idle thoughts:
  • We like the signing of Derek Lee. He's not the player he was in his prime, but he's still better at this point than Lyle Overbay. Too bad for Lyle, but he just wasn't hitting, at all. At least he hit a home run in his last game on Sunday. Then Derek Lee comes in and hits two home runs in his first game as a Pirate.
  • Good for Plaxico Burress. That prison sentence seemed awfully harsh for shooting himself in the leg. It was stupid of him to carry a loaded gun (especially with the safety off), but still. We have a feeling he is great shape and motivated. He should be a great fit for the Jets. Naturally, we don't want the Jets to beat the Steelers, ever, but we're glad to see Plex landed on his feet.
  • We're NOT enthusiastic about the acquisition of Ryan Ludwick. He hasn't hit all year, and he simply is not a good defensive outfielder. He certainly isn't a good fit in left field at PNC Park.
  • The Steelers sure have been quiet. It would have been nice if they'd been able to pick up Namdi Asomough, but they seem confident in their young corners. Hopefully the two draft picks will contribute. And the Eagles would be smart to keep Asante Samuel. He's a terrific cover corner, and if the Eagles don't want him, he sure would look good in a Steelers' uniform.
  • We have a feeling Carson Palmer is trying to pull a Brett Favre. Kudos to Bengals' owner Mike Brown for standing up to Palmer. On the other hand, maybe Palmer is sincere in his plans to retire. After all, as he said when all this started, he has made about $80 million throughout his career.
That's all for now. We'll try to be more regular with our postings.