Wednesday, September 17, 2008

About DeSean Jackson

It's a good thing the Steelers have improved their kick coverage units this year. We certainly hope they'll be ready on Sunday for Philadelphia Eagles rookie sensation DeSean Jackson, out of the University of California.

The speedy, elusive Jackson has returned a punt for a touchdown already. Just as significantly, he is the first rookie receiver since 1940 to rack up more than 100 yards receiving in each of his first two games in the NFL. He is the best receiver on the Eagles, already, and the Steelers will have their hands full trying to contain him, both on punt returns and on offense.

Jackson's a good player (and we'd love to have him on the Steelers), but he has long had a notorious reputation for immaturity and showboating antics. As noted by the San Jose Mercury News:

"Cal coaches must be shocked. Shocked that it took DeSean Jackson a whole two weeks in the NFL to get in trouble for showboating.

"The Eagles' second-round pick is living down nationwide laughter. Monday night in Dallas, he nonchalantly flipped the ball backward as he crossed the goal line — except the replay review showed it was before he crossed. So it was first down at the 1-yard line instead of a 61-yard touchdown reception from Donovan McNabb."

It's not the first time. The photo shows Jackson showboating in a high-school all-star game. He launched a somersault from the four-yard line, landed on the one-yard line -- and promptly coughed up the ball before crossing the goal line. You'd think he's have learned his lesson. Why is he so eager to drop the ball? Maybe Silverback, Troy & Co. can induce a fumble or two.

For all that, Jackson's a dynamic playmaker, and the Steelers will have their hands full.