Friday, April 18, 2008

We're drafting (still) ...

So, we're not alone.

Nobody else seems to have a clue about this year's draft either.

That doesn't make us feel any better.

Jim Wexell and others predict Gosder Cherilus. Please, not. Gerry Dulac predicts Cal wide receiver DeSean Jackson, a Santonio Holmes clone, which is not a bad thing to be …but probably not what the Steelers need most. Ditto Oregon RB Jonathan Stewart.

We've seen Branden Albert predicted to go in the top 10 … or fall to the Steelers at 23. If he's there, take him. He won't, by the way, but who will? Unfortunately, not Chris Williams (T, Vanderbilt). Jeff Otah? He hasn't done enough. Pure upside speculation. The Steelers need to select a player who will provide immediate impact.

Justin King? Nah. Fast, but not a good cover corner, nor is he physical enough. Malcolm Kelly? He probably won't be available. Quentin Groves? He had only three sacks last year. Plus, they wasted last year's first-round pick on exactly that type of player, at exactly that position – except Groves is better than Timmons. So, Groves is out, even if we'd like to see him in a Steelers uniform. Uh, maybe.

A corner? Maybe.

You know what? We keep saying this every year, but maybe – with only six picks – just maybe, this is the year to trade down. Maybe?

Footnote: Another guy we'd like to see in a Steelers uniform, with a later pick, if possible: LSU safety Craig Steltz.

We've already chronicled others: Florida WR Andre Caldwell, WVU FB Owen Schmitt, Purdue DE Cliff Avril, Tennessee T Eric Young, Wake Forest C Steve Justice, Iowa State DT. Ahtyba Rubin, Ohio State OT Kirk Barton. All these guys will probably go in the second-third rounds, by the way.

Yeah, we spend too much time on this, but not enough.

All in all, just another brick in the wall ...

"Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall."

We can't help but wonder what the Reagan conservatives' icon himself, The Gipper, Ronald Reagan, would have to say about the individuals who build walls.

That's our solution? Build more walls? Break up and divide people. Isolate individuals. Alienate. Don't talk to people.

The knee-jerk reaction of self-proclaimed Reagan conservatives always seems to be to build a wall. Berlin. Belfast. Jerusalem. Arizona. Baghdad. Texas. California.

Build a wall.

Joey Porter's Pit Bulls can't help but wonder what the original Reagan conservative, Ronald Reagan himself, would think.

This disastrous war has to end. The sooner, the better.