Saturday, September 13, 2008

Have you ever been to Cleveland?

Yeah, I have. Lived there for a while. It's cold. Even in September. It's the wind. The damn wind coming off the damn lake. Not sayin' the people are cold; because Joey Porter's Pit Bulls take people one at a time. Good people wherever you go. But. Assholes, too.

Sunday night. Steelers: Be ready for this game. Just guessing here: Browns head coach Romeo Crennel is borderline-panicked about this game. Bill Cowher looming. Job security and all that. Crennel must be thinking, "Damn! My 'vaunted' defensive line acqisitions couldn't stop the run against Dallas last Sunday and couldn't stop the pass. What are the Steelers gonna do?"
The Browns gave up 30 first downs --30!-- and nearly 500 yards of offense.

And the Steelers are a mirror image of Dallas. Steelers vs. Cowboys in the Super Bowl. JPPB callin' it. Right now.

Yup. Joey Porter's Pit Bulls have a feeling Romeo Crennel is panicking. Which sets a tone for the whole team. You don't think the entire team, from the skittish QB to the already-underachieving free-agent acquisitions don't pick up on this vibe?

There's an ill wind blows in Cleveland. Cool. No, COLD.