Sunday, April 27, 2008

This is good, very good ...

We are absolutely okay with this pick. Who wouldn't be? Uh, except for, say, Najeh Davenport? Carey Davis?

Yes, it is a hoary cliche, but, yes, we were stunned to see Rashard Mendenhall still available at 1.23. Needless to say, there were some, shall we say, curious, selections earlier in the day.

Yes, we get it. We understand that the Bears need help on the offensive line, and we really like Chris Williams. In fact, we were kind of hoping he might fall all the way to the Steelers, although it seemed unlikely.

It seemed even more unlikely that Mendenhall would fall to the Steelers, let alone get past the Bears. Even before the draft, we thought the Bears would be crazy to pass on Medenhall, and we still can't believe they did.

Carolina, too. Philadelphia. Arizona. By all rights, Mendenhall should have been a top-15 pick. But he is a perfect Steeler. This guy has "Steeler" written all over him. A perfect fit.

Limas Sweed in the second round? Lucky, lucky, lucky day. Unbelievable. We had reservations about taking him in the first round but never thought he would last all the way to pick No. 53. No-brainer.

Great draft. Yes, there are still many holes to fill. But no complaints with these two picks. None at all. Unless you're Najeh Davenport.