Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Nothing Special

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls can’t let it go. The Special Teams.

How the hell can you commit SIX (!) penalties on Special Teams in one game? Those six penalties included two holding calls on one kickoff return (hey, we’re halfway to Browns Territory there), and two other penalties by first-round draft choice Lawrence Timmons.

In all, the Steelers allowed a whopping 101 yards on five punt returns, including the backbreaking 73-yard burn by Steve Breaston. Two other punts were kicked out of bounds, thankfully.

For all the talk about the Ken Whisenhunt/Russ Grimm factor, for our money, the Kevin Spencer/Bob Ligashesky factor was at least as important. Again, for all the emphasis the Steelers put on Special Teams during the preseason, they should never commit six penalties on Special Teams in one game – let alone allow a 73-yard punt return for a touchdown.

Frankly, the penalties bother Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls more than Breaston’s touchdown. Guys like Breaston and Devin Hester will do that. But the penalties … that’s something your guys can control.

Bob Ligashesky, this one’s on you.

Courtesy of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review …

The ineligible downfield penalty on fullback Carey Davis which necessitated a re-punt that resulted in WR Steve Breaston's tie-breaking, 73-yard return for a touchdown was one of six called against the Steelers' special teams.

Too many yellow flags vs. Arizona



Special teams play



LB Lawrence Timmons


Player out of bounds/

5 yards


LB LaMarr Woodley

Punt Return

Holding/10 yards



Ineligible Downfield

Re-punt/Return for TD


TE Jerame Tuman

Kickoff Return

Holding/10 yards


FS Anthony Smith

Kickoff Return




Onside Kick

Offside/5 yards


The Steelers had better fix their Special Teams, or it’s going to be a long season. They may even end up hearing something like ...

"We have four fouls on the offense: Illegal formation, offense,
No. 56. That penalty is declined. Holding, No. 90, that penalty is declined. Holding, No. 35, that penalty will be enforced, 10 yards from the end of the kick. We had an ineligible player downfield on the kick, that penalty is declined."
-- Official announcing the four penalties the Browns committed on their first punt to the Steelers in the 2007 season opener in Cleveland.