Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Statement Game

Now that the Steelers have dispensed the Cleveland Clowns, it's time to beat down some better competition. Now comes the season's turning point or Tipping Point.

First up: The Minnesota Vikings. Then, the Bye Week, which will be a challenge if only because it presents considerable free time for Jeff Reed and Matt Spaeth, who can't stay sober on game day, let alone during an off-week. Then the Denver Broncos, who are 6-0.

The Vikings have a formidable front seven on defense, an emerging star at receiver (Sidney Rice) and the NFL's best running back, Adrian Peterson.

Their quarterback is a bit of an unknown quantity, however. Name? Brett Favre.

Never heard of him.


As noted yesterday, a pigeon joined the Oakland Raiders kickoff-coverage unit on Sunday vs. the Eagles, and helped out pretty much all day with positive karma. Not surprisingly, the ingenious Mighty MJD weighs in today at Shutdown Corner with an imagined dialogue between the pigeon and one of the Raiders regarding, yup, eagles.

Animal Rescue League Dog of the Day


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