Thursday, February 22, 2007

Brown ... out

God really does hate Cleveland sports.

LeCharles Bentley, the former Pro Bowl center who was the Brownies’ big free-agent acquisition of the off-season before last, appears to be lost for the season again and may be perilously close to a forced retirement due to a ruined knee.

He has yet to play a down for the Browns, who signed him to anchor a woeful offensive line and counter the strong interior defensive linemen in the AFC North, particularly Casey Hampton, the Steelers’ All-Pro nose tackle.

What Happens in Vegas? ... STAYS in Vegas???

Uh, maybe not. Read about the warrant in the Pacman Jones brouhaha.

Jason Whitlock, columnist for the Kansas City Star and AOL Sports, was in Las Vegas for the NBA All-Star Game this past weekend. He reports general mayhem reigned the streets, casinos, parking lots and “gentlemen’s clubs" all weekend. He also speculates what next year’s NBA All-Star Game in New Orleans might require in terms of police presence military personnel.

Hardy Carr-harr

The mess in Texas continues … no, not that one over in Crawford.

In Houston, the NFL's Houston Texans supposedly want to trade quarterback David Carr, the former number one overall draft pick (2002 draft) by the then-expansion Texans.

The team signed Carr to an extension before last year’s NFL Draft because the Texans thought they … well, who knows what they were thinking?

Drafting University of Texas quarterback Vince Young last April would have made too much sense, apparently.

Ditto Reggie Bush.

But now, when Jake Plummer – Jake Plummer? – starts to look like an improvement at quarterback, the Texans must know they're in trouble. Head coach Gary Kubiak reportedly likes Plummer because, well, the ol’ familiarity factor, since Plummer played under for Kubiak when the latter was offensive coordinator of the Denver Broncos.

Anyway, the Texans’ troubles -- and Carr’s -- are well-documented. And, as noted over at Rumors and Rants ...

“The Texans' O-line opens up wider than Paris Hilton's legs after 3 mojitos. He was sacked 41 times in 2006, and that was an improvement over the previous few seasons.”