Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Well. That Clears That Up.

In Pittsburgh, an Allegheny County judge today granted Steelers All-Pro defensive back Troy Polamalu permission to legally change his name.

"It’ll scare the piss out of you, just watching it.”

Thanks to Mondesi's House for providing a link to this terrific piece by Gary Andrew Poole in recognition and appreciation of the late, great Hunter S. Thompson's classic coverage of Super Bowl VIII in Houston (1974).

“Hey, Look! ... Mellencamp’s Truck Commercial is On Again!! ... And It’s Been So Long Since We’ve Seen It!!!”

The Mighty MJD nominates Mellencamp’s cloying and insipid commercial as a contender for the worst television ad of this NFL season. It has some heavy competition, including Jessica Simpson’s spot for DirecTV and Strahan/Jared for Subway. Ugh.

Well, since Chevy and its ad agency won’t let it drop, neither will we.