Sunday, December 04, 2011

As It Should Be

So the Bengals thought they could play with the big boys, eh?  Not so fast!

All we kept hearing out of Cincinnati after they played tough but lost to the Steelers Nov. 13 was how they proved in defeat that they could play with the Steelers, Ravens and other top-tier teams in the NFL.  Apparently not.

Antonio Brown scores on a 60-yard punt return in the second quarter vs. Cincinnati.
It's December, and it's time to step up or step aside. The Steelers stepped up and, true to form, the Bengals stepped aside, where they belong. The Bengals made way too many mistakes today and deserved to lose.

The Bengals drop to 7-5, with the Texans, Rams, Cardinals and Ravens left on their schedule.  The Rams are their only road game.

Now, the Bengals are in a dogfight with the Jets,Titans, and Broncos or Raiders (all 7-5) for a wild-card playoff spot. The Bengals still have only win this season over a team with a winning record.

  • Let's hope Antonio Brown is okay after that wicked rib shot he took from safety Reggie Nelson in the fourth quarter. Let's hope Lamarr Woodley and Ramon Foster are healthy, too.
  • The radio announcers lagged the television broadcast badly -- by about 12-15 seconds each play. Nearly every play shown on TV would be over as Bill Hillgrove would be starting the play-call on radio. At times, the TV would be starting a replay even as Hillgrove was calling the play. This was as bad as we've ever seen it. Generally, we prefer listening to the radio broadcast, but this was ridiculous and totally unnecessary. Blame Janet Jackson.
  • In other games, can you believe Tim Tebow? Good for him. As it stands now, the Steelers would be going to Denver for a first-round playoff game. Also, can you believe the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Chicago Bears? Good for Pittsburgh's own Tyler Palko. He threw for only 157 yards but threw no interceptions and notched his first career touchdown pass on a Hail Mary -- and won.
  • Next up for the Steelers: The Browns at Heinz Field, Thursday night.  Then, an 11-day break before a trip to San Francisco Dec. 19; the Rams at Heinz Field on Christmas Eve; and at Cleveland News Year's Day.  Happy New Year!