Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Allrighty then ...

That was weird.

The Steelers got outplayed last night. Again. Yet they won. Again.

They should just let Big Ben call his own plays. Seriously. Why not? Do it on the fly. He's a quarterback. Come on, let him call his own plays.

And just when Joey Porter's Pit Bulls thought Mewelde Moore was a fraud and totally useless, he made a play. And, blasphemous as it may seem, Thank God for Jeff Reed.

And James "Silverback" Harrison. And Lamarr Woodley. And Troy Polamalu. It should be interesting to watch how the offensive line plays the rest of the way. With Kendall Simmons down, who fits where? Where art yinz, Max Starks?

And, with Rashard Mendenhall out for the season, this draft class looks like a total bust.

By the way, Joe Flacco can play. Uh, just what did former Pitt coach and "quarterback guru" Walt Harris NOT see in this guy? He can play. Balt'more's going to be a contender this year, like it or not.