Friday, October 05, 2007


White House spokeswoman Dana Perino’s explanation of the President’s veto of a bill that would provide $35 billion over five years for children’s health insurance – essentially Medicaid for children of people who can’t afford health insurance:

“In a time when they (legislators) think that they want to increase funding for children's health care, they're actually wanting to pay for it with a cigarette tax, which includes – people who smoke are usually – the majority are in the low-income bracket. And so they're raising taxes on something to pay for a middle-class entitlement. "

This, on the heels of approving an additional $190 billion a year for war?

Gotta call bullshit on this one.

Unconscionable, indefensible, unfathomable and offensive.

The picture above, by the way, was taken earlier this week at the Steelers' practice facility on the South Side.

It shows Troy Polamalu with a Make-a-Wish Kid.

Polamalu sustained torn cartilage, rib cage, during last Sunday's game in Arizona. He may play against the Seahawks this Sunday at Heinz Field.