Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Here Come the Saints

The New Orleans Saints visit Heinz Field on Sunday, and the Steelers are looking for redemption, if not Divine Intervention.

Of course, when the schedule was drawn up, this game looked like an easy win for the Steelers. The Saints, coming off a 3-13 record last season, were in full-blown rebuilding mode with a new coaching staff, a new quarterback, an entirely new offensive line (and how often does that happen?), an entirely new linebacking corps, and one extremely talented rookie poised to make a big impact.

No, not Reggie Bush. Well, besides him.

The rookie making the biggest impact for the Saints -- and maybe in the NFL -- is wide receiver Marques Colston. Drafted in the seventh round out of Hofstra, Colston so far has contributed seven touchdowns (!) and 44 catches for 700 yards ... the exact same number of total yards racked up by Reggie Bush. Colston has been impressive, to say the least. He's big (6'4", 230), fast and rangy. And he plays with a poise that belies his inexperience.

Question: Didn't the Steelers notice this guy when they were viewing Hosfstra game film while scouting tackle Willie Colon, whom they drafted in the fourth round? I mean, what if? Colston sure would look good in Black 'n Gold. What?! Those are the Saints' colors, too? Damn. I hate being colorblind.

All Hail The Mighty MJD!

The Mighty MJD is way more entertaining:

“What poses a greater problem for the NFL? Protecting Jerramy Stevens’ coin purse, or Joey Porter threatening to OJ an official on the field of play?”

Groundhog, er, Election Day

Joey Porter’s pit bulls did their civic duty and voted today … just not for the mother of New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees, who seems like a fine fellow. We wish him a speedy recovery following Sunday’s game against the Steelers at Heinz Field.

You’ve probably heard about his mother, who is running for office in Texas (surprised?). She was using Drew’s image in her campaign ads, despite their having a “nonexistent” relationship for the past six years.

According to the Austin American-Statesman, “Drew Brees said that when he heard about the spots, he called his mother and asked her to stop them. She did not return his calls or stop using his image, he said, and his agent sent her a letter Oct. 20 threatening legal action.”

Another example of democracy in action. Now, if we could only get it to work as well in Iraq.