Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Cheech Blount & Le'Veon Chong: Up in Smoke

Chronic: "Hey how am I driving, man?"
Blunt [looks around]: "I think we're parked." 

Tomfoolery, hijinks, chicanery and shenanigans with the 420 in the 412 with LeGarrette "Blunt" and Le'Veon "Chronic" Bell!
Just imagine how that conversation in the car went?
Chronic: "Ya wanna get high, man?"
Blunt: "Does Howdy-Doody have wooden balls?"
This isn't a distraction, is it? What could possibly go wrong?  
  After all, just a week ago, the Tribune-Review quoted Mike Tomlin as saying:
“They're both going to get their share (of carries). But in terms of the details and anything more detailed than that, no, we'll deal with that on a game-by-game basis based on the plan, based on health of the men and a lot of other variables,” Tomlin said last Thursday. “We have a great deal of confidence in both guys. Both guys are going to be central reasons why we're successful. That's the plan, and I think they're open to that.”
Well, they were open to something
What's with the hand signals?
Now, in the aftermath of this latest imbroglio, lots of talk will ensue about some of the alleged incidents allegedly involving Blount before he arrived in Pittsburgh, but that's all in the past, right? What's past is past, and what's done is done. A fresh start and all that. All is good. Right?

Just wondering: Where was Alameda Ta'amu, anyway? Maybe the Steelers can sign Ricky Williams?

Welcome Back, Ol' 99

The timing is perfect, just as planned and agreed upon with the Steelers, no doubt.

Now that the indignities of training camp are over, Brett Keisel, Ol' 99, is back with the team as Defensive End Emeritus.

The bearded professor will tutor and mentor the younger guys -- the graduate student-athletes, if you will -- in the finer points of playing defensive line in the NFL and how to conduct oneself professionally.

We and everybody else figured it was entirely possible that Kesiel would return, and Joey Porter's Pit Bulls are very happy that Keisel didn't end his career in the wasteland of Arizona or Carolina or anywhere else. He is and should be a Steeler for life. Welcome back.