Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hustle & Flow

Key to this game: Hustle & Flow (proposed new nickname for the Steeler's defense?).

Not worried about the Steeler's offense in this one. They'll put up points. Cleveland linebacker Camerion Wimbley can play on my team anytime, but nobody else on that defense would, or could (all respect to old man Willie McGinest, who has had a long and distinguished career, but you're old, dude; retire already).

Key to the game: Steelers' defense -- Hustle & Flow. Hustle every play and flow to the ball. Set a tone early and late. Granted, Cleveland has some talent on offense: Extremely good offensive line. Federal Penitentiary alumnus Jamaal Lewis at running back. The "Soldier" Kellen Winslow and Brayin' Braylon Edwards at wideout.

But scatter-armed, jittery Derek Anderson at quarterback. Nah-uh. He can be had. Taken. Down. "WHUP that trick! WHUP that trick! WHUP that trick!"

That's why, on defense, it's time to hustle and flow. Smooth as silk.

This will be a fun game to watch.

In the picture, by the way, is Mickey McGovern, Irish leprechaun and friend to all, who passed away last week. He would have enjoyed this game coming up on Sunday night. Rest in peace, Mick.

In Requiem ...

With Prayers and Hope for a Better Future