Friday, December 07, 2007

Lest we forget ...

"A day that will live in infamy."

Reasons to believe ...

This is probably more wishful/hopeful thinking than anything, but Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls take solace in finding hope in the distinct possibility that …
  • Fast Willie Parker will have a big game racking up massive chunks of yardage on the fast FieldTurf at Gillette Stadium. Parker has had huge games on FieldTurf previously (at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati, for example; and yeah, we know, it’s the Bengals). Good luck, Junior, keeping up.
  • The Steelers will exploit the Patriots’ aging inside linebackers not only with Parker, but with the tight ends and receivers on crossing patterns and seam routes over the middle. Again, good luck, Junior, keeping up. That would be Junior, as in, 38-year-old Junior Seau, who got spun around like a top by the Ravens’ Willis McGahee on Monday night. Repeatedly.
  • The Patriots’ aging Rodney Harrison will limp off the field, preferably early in the game. The 34-year-old Harrison limped off the field with an apparent hamstring problem at the end of the game in Baltimore Monday night. Good luck, Sterod, keeping up with Heath Miller, Santonio Holmes, Nate Washington and company.
  • Supermodel Gisele Bundschen will cringe and gasp in horror as James Harrison makes Tom Brady his bitch, emphatically. And repeatedly. On Monday night, Baltimore’s rookie linebacker Antwan Barnes looked strikingly similar to The Silverback, as Barnes used leverage and technique to swoop around left tackle Matt Light. Barnes is about the same size as Harrison. Although shorter than most defensive ends, both seem to know how to use their considerable strength, speed, leverage and technique to advantage.
  • Steelers defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau will craft a typically ingenious game plan to outsmart the wickedly ingenious and evil Patriots’ braintrust.
  • DeShea Townsend, always a good cover corner, will blanket Donte Stallworth.
  • Tyrone Carter will “mitigate” Wes Welker.

It’s a lot to hope for, but that’s what Christmas is all about.

From David Fleming, ESPN Page 2: "Thirty-Three Reasons the Steelers Will Win on Sunday"