Thursday, May 29, 2008

This could be bad for the Wed Wings.

We keep coming back to the boxing analogy. Like a fighter sizing up its opponent, the young Penguins played last night as if they were a young team just beginning to figure out its older, more experienced, savvier, more skilled opponent. Its young stars stopped trying to do everything individually, and started passing more instead of stick-handling through traffic.

Just as auspiciously, the defense jelled, and hit, and hit, and hit, and hit. Especially Brooks Orpick. More of that to come, and as this young team finds its legs, the older Wed Wings could be in for a fight, no, make that a slugfest.

This series is only just beginning. Having said that, the Penguins had better start winning some face-offs.

Home Sweet Home

The Penguins haven't lost at The Igloo in three months. The key? Move your feet.

"I think maybe we moved our feet a little bit more," said Crosby, explaining his squad's improved play.

And, admit it. You've done it, too.

You've called them the Wed Wings.