Friday, September 20, 2013

The Chicago Bears are Coached by the Dos Equis Guy

Chicago Bears head coach Marc Trestman
It’s too soon to write off the Steelers, but nobody in Pittsburgh should underestimate the Chicago Bears. These are not Lovie Smith's Bears. 

This will be a tough game for the Black ‘n Gold. Remember how Mike Tomlin used to describe the upcoming collision of opponents as "two trains on one track"?  Sunday's contest is not that.

This appears to a matchup of one team, the Bears, coming together and on the upswing – and another, the Steelers, that appears to be falling apart and was described mid-week as being in “panic mode.”

Marc Trestman's alter-ego and doppelganger
The Chicago Bears have quietly – if that’s possible in a metro area the size and prominence of Chicago – the Bears have quietly become one of the most interesting franchises in the National Football League. And it’s happened quickly, too, behind the leadership of new head coach Marc Trestman, a Renaissance Man of sorts who is kind of the NFL's equivalent of the Dos Equis guy in the TV commercials -- "The most interesting man in the NFL."

Let’s take a closer look.

Click "Read More" below to read about the Bears and their new head coach Marc Trestman, whose fascinating backstory describes the circuitous path he's taken to become a first-time head coach in the NFL at the age of 57. Read the story after the "Read More" jump/break below.