Thursday, January 03, 2008

We Have Stupid Questions But No Answers

Joey Porter's Pit Bulls occasionally ponder matters less important than the Steelers. Such as? Well, for instance, presidential elections and world events.

Today's topic: The Iowa caucuses.

We don't really have opinions about the Iowa caucuses, just … stupid questions.
  • Like, what the hell are the Iowa caucuses?
  • And, if they're so important, why doesn't every state hold caucuses instead of conventional primary elections?
  • Also, if Iowa is such a bellwether state in January, why is it inconsequential in November? On election night, nobody has ever said or is going to say, "It comes down to Iowa. It's too close to call in Iowa." No. You never hear that. It's always Florida. Or Ohio. Illinois. Pennsylvania. Michigan. Even, in 1960, West Virgina. Never Iowa.
  • One more question: How are the Republican candidates going to spin the immigration issue when they get to a state that actually has, you know, immigrants? It's one thing to talk big in Iowa, but let's hear what they have to say in, say, New York.
Just asking.