Thursday, March 08, 2007

D-Day for the Penguins?

Fatcat Boss BIG ED RENDELL is strong-arming supposedly meeting in last-ditch negotiations with Mario Lemieux, Ron Burkle and other executives of the Pittsburgh Penguins today in Philadelphia (?!).

Why is it that Boss Rendell LOOKS like a crook cigar-chomping, old-style machine politician? He is? Gee, what a surprise … who would’ve guessed?

The incompetence of our civil servants shady, blundering election-stealing smoky backroom-dealing elected officials is mind-boggling.

Frankly, we’re not surprised, but let’s hope it’s not too late to save the Penguins.

Our blogging friends over at The Dock Ellis Experience today have posted a tremednously passionate column.

Check it out.

They list phone numbers for the whole crooked cockeyed crew (Rendell, Onorato, Ravenstahl, etc.), while imploring all of us to make some noise.

Hey, at this point, it couldn’t hurt.

*Photo/Illustration credit: Stacy Innerst, Post-Gazette