Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Patriots’ Linebackers Are Old

New England’s starting linebackers are:
  • Adalius Thomas, 30, pushed around all game Monday night but a heck of a player if he’s healthy (currently a question mark)
  • Tedy Bruschi, 34, still a playmaker
  • Junior Seau, 38, thrust into a starting role last week when Roosevelt Colvin was placed on injured reserve (Seau looked overmatched Monday night but earlier this season became the oldest player to record two interceptions in one game)
  • Mike Vrabel, 32, still a force
  • Behind them are: Eric Alexander, 25, Larry Izzo, 33, and Chad Brown (?!), 37 (on the inactive list last week).

We’re not saying they’re no good. They’re just old. And maybe there’s a mismatch or two to be exploited (Jr. Seau, we’ve got our eyes on you.)

  • Anthony Smith should just shut up. Since 1998, the Steelers have dropped 5-of-6 games to the Pats and in case Anthony hasn’t heard, the Patriots are undefeated and, oh, by the way, are averaging 39.1 points per game.
  • Turnover differential? The Pats are +17, the Steelers, +3.

Karen Guregian of The Boston Herald had this to say of the Steelers:

“What they are is a better version of the Baltimore Ravens. Better quarterback, better running back, better defense. Now they get the Patriots on a short week, after three consecutive night games, and two straight barn-burners.

The Eagles attacked the Pats’ pass coverage in the middle of the field. The Ravens attacked with a shifting, slashing runner in Willis McGahee (30 carries, 138 yards).

With quarterback Ben Roethlisberger (25 TD passes) and running back Willie Parker (second in NFL with 1,093 yards), the 9-3 Steelers can do both.

On the other side of the ball, the Steelers possess the best overall defense in the league.”

No doubt about it, the Steelers will have to bring their ‘A’ game. If they do, and if they keep mistakes to a minimum, they can win this game.

Thursday Afternoon Addendum:

  • Over at, New England-based Steelers fan Mika Batista eloquently opines on Anthony Smith's "guarantee" in today's post headlined, "Talking the Talk."
  • Meanwhile, Neal Coolong at DiehardSteel downplays Smith's comments, which he says are inconsequential and will mean nothing either way, no matter how the game turns out.
  • Meanwhile, if you're looking for Patriot-hating blogs, Cotter over at One For the Other Thumb provides a roundup of links to blogs with subtle names such as "I Hate the New England Patriots."

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