Tuesday, January 16, 2007

No Grimm Puns Here

All right, all right: We know.

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls are overdue for weighing in with our worthless opinions on the Steelers’ coaching situation.

There’s just not much to say.

The Steelers’ next head coach will be Russ Grimm.

Unless …

Unless it’s Ron Rivera of the Chicago Bears or Mike Tomlin of the Minnesota Vikings.

If, in fact, the choice is either Rivera or Tomlin – both of whom are defensive coordinators – what would that mean for Dick LeBeau, the Steelers’ own highly respected and well-established defensive coordinator?

We can’t believe an incoming coach – any coach – would not want Dick LeBeau as his defensive coordinator. Both Rivera and Tomlin, however, apparently are proponents of schemes different than what the Steelers have been running under LeBeau. But that’s not to say LeBeau couldn’t adjust to a new coach, or vice-versa.

Perhaps the Steelers’ brass simply wants an infusion of outside blood? Do they want to completely revamp the Steelers’ style of play? Perhaps they believe the 70-year-old LeBeau plans to retire in a year or two, anyway, so now is as good a time as any to make a complete overhaul?

Nah. We think not.

Russ Grimm knows this team, he would retain most (if not all) of the remaining assistant coaches and, by all accounts, he is more than well-qualified for the job. Finally, as noted here previously, he was “Assistant Head Coach” under Bill Cowher, which made him second in line of command and, presumably, the logical successor to Cowher, even though Ken Whisenhunt, as offensive coordinator, was the more publicly high-profile assistant coach.

It’ll be Russ Grimm. And we’re okay with that. We think.

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