Monday, January 29, 2007


The Steelers have a new special teams coach. Bob Ligashesky most recently worked in the same capacity for the St. Louis Rams, whose special teams last year were even worse than the Steelers’, which is a little disturbing.

What in the name of Ricardo Colclaugh are they thinking? Dunno.

We don’t know anything about Ligashesky, except for a little insight shared by a colleague who played on the same high school football team as Ligashesky, who grew up in McKees Rocks:

“As if it mattered to anybody else, he was always concerned with how he looked in his uniform, even during plays. It was like he was more concerned with his appearance than with how he played. His wristbands always had to be just so, and his neck roll was special-ordered, too.

“He was a baby. When he’d lose, he’d cry.

“When he was an assistant coach under Walt Harris at Pitt, he was the goofball who engineered that Swinging Gate fiasco. There was no reason for that. Nothing he ever did had a reason. His life had no reason. He was always a gimmick guy, a prima donna, a pretty boy. He always had to come up with something cute.”

Oh, oh: “Cute.”

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls hate “cute.”

For what it’s worth, the Steelers hired Ligashesky one day after he was fired by the Rams. Courtesy of the Pittsburgh Steelers Fanatic blog, here is how the Rams’s special teams last year compared (unfavorably) to the Steelers’ special teams:

For the season recently completed the Rams' special teams ranked this way compared to the rest of the league (and compared to the Steelers):

  • Punt Return Average: 25th (Steelers: 19th)
  • Kickoff Return Average: 26th (Steelers: 21st)
  • Net Punting Average: 12th (Steelers: 18th)
  • Opponent Punt Return Average: 19th (Steelers: 2nd)
  • Opponent Kickoff Return Average: 28th (Steelers: 18th)
  • Opponent Net Punting Average: 31st (Steelers: 21st)
Cute. Not.

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