Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Dewey Defeats Truman

In Saturday's edition of The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, "reporter" Mike Prisuta cited "a source in Pittsburgh" as confirming that Russ Grimm had been offered and had accepted the job as new head coach of the Steelers.


On WDVE-FM this morning, Prisuta backslid and hemmed-hawed about reporting such a grievously erroneous story, and because of this disingenuousness, we can't let it go. Neither can Ryan at Heels Sox and Steelers. Prisuta should be embarrassed, if not ashamed of himself. At the very least, he should step up and admit he made a mistake. People forgive mistakes.


a petulant rambler said...

Is there anyone in this town that believes a thing they read in that Rag? Look who owns it. I usually don't waste my time.

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

Yup, good point, Petulant Rambler. Scaife is a major jagoff. Over the weekend, I heard the radio reports citing the conflicting stories reported by SI and the Trib. Some of the national broadcasters were saying they'd never seen such diametrically opposite reports on a coaching situation, and stated so firmly, at the same time.

I just think that Prisuta's blunder shouldn't be swept under the rug as if it never happened. He needs to be called on it, and it bothered me to hear how he sidestepped it on WDVE this morning. I was surprised Randy Baumann even brought it up, but he did so in a way that gave Prisuta an opening to discuss it candidly. Prisuta all of a sudden got mush-mouthed, and that bothered me to the point that I decided to write an entry on it, not that many people ready Joey Porter's Pit Bulls. A lot more people read "Heels Sox and Steelers," though, so I was gratified to see a kindred spirit, Ryan, writing about it, too. Thanks for your comment.