Monday, December 08, 2014

Can the Steelers stand success?

Let's hope the Steelers aren't thinking they passed their biggest test of the last quarter of the season by beating the Bengals in Cincinnati yesterday. With Sunday's demonstrative victory, the Steelers proved they can get it together to win challenging games on the road. And the Bengals proved they are the Bengals. They can be caught.

Now the Steelers have to prove they can win an "easy" game on the road next Sunday in Atlanta. Not that it will be easy, even though the Falcons will be coming off this evening's Monday night road game in Green Bay. Tough for them.

The 5-7 Falcons are not a particularly good team. But neither are the Buccaneers, Jets and Saints, all of whom beat the Steelers.

The Falcons can be dangerous at home. Three of their wins have been at home, where they've beaten the Bucs, Saints and Cardinals. They rang up 37, 56 and 29 points in those three wins.

Next Sunday's game in Atlanta may not be the toughest remaining game on the Steelers' schedule, but it won't necessarily be easy.

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