Saturday, August 09, 2014

With the Super Moon tonight, the games begin

The Super Moon is tonight. Coincidentally, the Steelers resume competitive play in NFL stadiums tonight. Finally.

After a long-offseason of ugly headlines from across the NFL landscape ... after Ray Rice and Janay; after the Notorious Pouncey Bros. ("Dumb & Dumber"); after nonstop Johnny Football Manziel and his rolled-up-money-phone-partying-with-Justin-Bieber stupidity; after Josh Gordon and his DUI and failed drug tests; the endless Aaron Hernandez murder trial ("Free Hernandez"); after the Darren Sharper drug-and-rape charges; and other assorted nonsense such as the threat of the Buffalo Bills moving out of Buffalo and the Oakland Raiders possibly moving to San Antonio and on and on, ad nauseum ... 

After all that and more, well, finally, the Steelers begin playing in stadiums again this evening. People in Steelers' uniforms, anyway. Regular starters will get limited action, and we will see mostly prospects and suspects taking the field against the NewYork-Jersey Gints, but the Steelers return to play tonight. 

Even though many of the players who play tonight won't make the regular-season roster, it will be good to see the Black 'n Gold in action again. Let's hope everybody stays injury-free.

Oh, and leave the Bills in Buffalo. That's a great region of our great nation, and the good people there should get to keep their beloved Bills. Leave 'em alone.

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