Monday, January 25, 2010

Animal Rescue Lague Dog of the Day

What a nice dog. Coda's cool, with a lotta soul. He's a year or so past puppyhood, so he's mellow. He's also very friendly, smart, low-key, and extremely appreciative of a reassuring pat on the head or a soothing rub of his upturned belly, with all four legs up in the air. Coda walks beautifully on the leash -- he's very easy on the leach -- and he's well mannered to the point of being downright poilte.

Seriously, Coda's a nice dog. Really nice. Not too adventuresome, Coda seems to be a homebody. And Coda needs a home.

You can visit Coda in person/dog at
The Animal Rescue League of Western Pennsylvania,
located at Fifth and Hamilton in EastSide/Shadyside/East Liberty whatever the realtors are calling my neighborhood in Pittsburgh these days.

The shelter is near Mellon Park, Trader Joe's and the Nabisco plant
(now being developed as Bakery Square).

= = = =
Animal Rescue League of Western Pennsylvania
6620 Hamilton Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 15206

= = = =

Tel: 412-661-6452

"Everybody should have a dog."
-- Frank Dunn

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