Monday, September 22, 2014

Now That's More Like It

Run the ball and stop the run. The Steelers racked up 264 yards on the ground and begrudged just 42 yards rushing against them in Sunday night's 37-19 win over the Carolina Panthers before thousands of Steelers' fans clad in Black 'n Gold in Charlotte, N.C.

This was a major win for the Steelers, and one they needed. A road win vs. a solid opponent early in the season.

There's plenty of time to quibble over some things that can be fixed (penalties) and worry about other things that maybe can't be fixed this year (injuries; lack of talent and depth at some positions), but make no mistake: This was a perfect game for the Steelers to make a statement, and they did, with an exclamation mark.

It was only the third game of the year, but for the Steelers to even be considered to be contenders, this was a game they had to win.  We thought they would win, and naturally we're glad they did.

Next up: Tampa Bay. Time to get on a roll.

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