Monday, May 12, 2014

Fred Gibson?

Joey Porter's Pit Bulls sincerely hope all the Steelers' draftees and undrafted fee agents enjoy great success and help the Steelers win multiple Super Bowls.

Not all of them will. Many people are excited about the potential of wide receiver Martavis Bryant, the fourth-rounder out of Clemson. We hope he proves them right.

Fred Gibson, 6'4"
WR, Georgia, 4th round, 2005.
Cut at end of training camp
We hope he turns into A.J. Green. Bryant would do well, however, to read up on Steeler history and review the cautionary tale of Fred Gibson, another fourth-round wide receiver who was drafted by the Steelers in 2005, out of Georgia.

Like Bryant, Gibson was tall (6'4") and reputedly had the speed to be a deep threat. He was unpolished and, in training camp, struggled even getting off the line of scrimmage. What had come easily to him against SEC corners didn't work against NFL players and prospects. The game was played at a different speed, against corners who jammed, clung and battled. Formations, terminology and pass routes were much more complex. He dropped passes in practice and in preseason games.

Gibson never made it out of training camp. He was cut before the first regular season game.

We hope Bryant becomes an All-Pro, but he has a lot to learn. Good luck, Martavis. It's time to get serious about your game.

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