Saturday, April 26, 2014

Shish kabobs aside ...

The Cambod-ican Kitchen
With two weeks to go until the NFL Draft, it is most definitely not cool that Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert has the distraction of possibly being called to testify in the trial of Mike Adams the three idiots imbeciles thugs hapless losers morons men accused of attacking offensive tackle Mike Adams.

It's not cool that Mike Adams put Colbert in this position. Never mind that Adams got punched and stabbed, and, as such, is the victim. Adams's poor decision-making put him standing stupid and drunk at 3 a.m. outside the "Cambod-Ican Kitchen" on the South Side. And now Kevin Colbert is dragged into it during key preparation time for the draft. If that's not a "distraction," what is?

Nothing good happens after midnight, eh, Mike?  Was the restaurant's self-proclaimed "Cat on a Stick" worth it?

Then again, maybe Colbert's involvement at this point will have no effect on the Steelers' draft preparations and decision-making. After all, Mike Tomlin says he's the one who makes "easy draft-day decisions." Was it Tomlin's decision to draft Adams? Or was it Colbert's?

If Tomlin makes the easy draft-day decisions, who makes the difficult decisions?

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