Thursday, November 28, 2013

Came up short on that wishbone

Emmanuel Sanders didn't come up 
clutch in the big moments.
Photo credit: Rob Garrett/Getty Images
We can be thankful that Le'Veon Bell emerged with "only" a concussion. Other than that, eh.

Season over.

The Steelers showed a lot of heart but came up short in Thanksgiving's Steelers-Ravens Turkey Bowl.

One question: Why did the Steelers retain Emmanuel Sanders in the off-season? Why?

Sanders topped his first-quarter drop of a long pass right on the numbers by failing to catch another long pass right on the numbers, with just over two minutes left in the fourth quarter and looking stupid doing it. Then, Sanders bungled the two-point conversion that would have tied the game.

The Steelers made enough other mistakes to lose on merit. The botched field-goal. Will Johnson's drop on third-and-goal with just over a minute left. Ike Taylor's interference. Big Ben's missed throws.

But Emmanuel Sanders? Ugh.

If the definition of "clutch" is to thrive and get better in the bigger moments, Sanders ain't clutch.

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