Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Off to the Races

Danario Alexander, a restricted free agent
Mike Wallace is off to Miami. Keenan Lewis is off to Cleveland (?). James Harrison is off to ... San Diego? Cleveland?  Ramon Foster is off to, well, Latrobe, this summer, with the only questions being whether he will play left guard or right tackle, and whether he will start. We have the feeling the Steelers are not convinced Mike Adams can handle the starting right tackle job.

NFL free agent signings start today. Nothing that happens today is likely to change the Steelers' draft plans. Like all Steeler fans, we'd like to see them sign certain free agents, but we expect little.
Dennis Pitta, RFA

  • Joey Porter's Pit Bulls would investigate signing LaRod Stephens-Howling to take over the Chris Rainey role.
  • We would seriously consider pursuing Baltimore restricted free-agent tight end Dennis Pitta, although it would mean sending a second-round (?) pick to the Ravens -- unless, that is, Baltimore was forced to match our offer; which, if they do, would be a win for us anyway, as we would have just driven up their cost of keeping him, which would further complicate their already complicated cap picture. Pitta's a good player.
  • We'd also take a close look at what it might take to sign San Diego restricted free-agent wide receiver Danario Alexander, who would not cost a draft choice. The last we saw him, in December, he was a nightmare-matchup for the Steelers' secondary at Heinz Field. There will be competition for him, one would think.
More expensive signings aren't going to happen, so it's pointless to speculate about the likes of unrestricted free agents like New England tackle Sebastien Vollmer and Houston defensive end Connor Barwin, both of whom would look great in Steeler uniforms.

One thing for sure: More than a few 2012 Steelers won't be 2013 Steelers, and that list probably includes Rashard Mendenhall, Casey Hampton, Willie Colon, Ryan Mundy, Byron Leftwich, Stevenson Sylvester, Leonard Pope and several others.

The free-agency carousel begins today.

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