Sunday, November 25, 2012

Season Over

Pee-yoo!  What a stinker.  Embarrassing and utterly inept.

"Ugly" doesn't even begin to describe the crapfest the Steelers displayed on Sunday in Cleveland. Eight turnovers, including five fumbles lost (eight fumbles altogether), three horrific interceptions, penalties, dropped passes, off-target throws, 20 rushes for 49 yards, and one-for-nine on third down?  Yecch.

Charlie Batch was awful. Ditto Mike Wallace. Rashard Mendehall. Jonathan Dwyer. Isaac Redman. For that matter, Cleveland's Brandon Weeden was awful.  Charlie Batch was awful. Oh, we said that already? Well, then, Charlie Batch's 38.7 passer rating was awful. Awful, awful and awful.

And that final interception late in the fourth quarter, with 3:09 remaining? The one on first-and-10 from the Steelers' 42? Whose bright idea was it to have Batch heave a long downfield bomb into the wind and, of course, intercepted?

Willie Colon didn't play, and injuries to Lamarr Woodley, Mike Adams and Chris Rainey didn't help.

Oh, and to add insult to injury, immediately after the game ended, fans watching on TV had to endure watching one of the Steelers' offensive linemen jocularly smiling and laughing with one of the Browns' players. It was at that point the TV went out the window. The fans take these losses harder than the players.

The Steelers may not win another game, not if they play even half as bad as they did in Cleveland.

Good luck in Baltimore next week. The Ravens found a way to win in San Diego, converting a crucial 4th and 29 late in the fourth quarter on a game-tying drive. Fourth and 29.

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