Sunday, May 01, 2011

Mock THIS!

If anybody claims their pre-event mock draft predicted this year's first round of the NFL Draft, they're lying.

Nobody could have predicted four quarterbacks in the first 12 picks. Or that Jake Locker, for crying out loud, would be the second QB taken, eighth overall. Or that Seattle would take Alabama tackle James Carpenter, whom Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said he believed the Steelers were considering.

Or that Atlanta would have traded all of Peachtree Street to Cleveland for its first pick, No. 6 overall, to nab Alabama wide receiver Julio Jones.

Or that Pitt wide receiver
Jonathan Baldwin would be drafted 26th overall, by Kansas City. Baldwin will long be remembered not only for underachieving at Pitt but even more sourly for throwing his coach and QB under the bus after announcing he was making himself eligible for the draft, would be drafted 26th overall, by Kansas City.

Mock drafts are fun, but this year ... probably not one person nailed the first round.

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