Thursday, February 03, 2011

Black 'n Gold Adoption Specials Now at the Animal Rescue League -- Through Super Sunday!

Good Mojo here, and an ideal opportunity for you to boost your Steelers Cheering Section for Super Bowl XLV: The Animal Rescue League is offering Black 'n Gold Adoption Specials through Super Sunday, Feb. 6.

Most people have no idea how little it costs to adopt a dog from this rescue shelter. Now, there's added incentive:

  • Receive $30 off the regular adoption (which absurdly low anyway) for a Black, Gold, or Black 'n Gold Dog, and there are plenty of nice ones available.
  • Wear Black 'n Gold -- which you do anyway -- and receive an additional $7 off the adoption fee. So, for example, if you see a nice white dog that you'd like to take home and cheer your life, you'll get seven bucks off the already-low adoption fee just because you're wearing your usual Black 'n Gold.
You can't beat it! Do it today!!

Today we feature two dogs, Mac and Hans -- one black and one gold -- who are just waiting to help you cheer on the Steelers.

Both Mac (black) and Hans (gold) got it going on. Good looks, fun disposition, great personality -- what more do you want?

All they need is a chance, and a home
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Visit Mac and Hans at The Animal Rescue League at Fifth and Hamilton in Shadyside, EastSide, whatever the realtors are calling our neighborhood these days.

The shelter is around the corner from Trader Joe's and Bakery Square.

Animal Rescue League of Western Pennsylvania
6620 Hamilton Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 15206

Tel: 412-661-6452

Lots of wonderful dogs -- too many -- are at the Animal Rescue League right now and desperately need their own forever homes. We will continue to feature them on Joey Porter's Pit Bulls, as well as the Steelers and the human circus in general.

Adopt a dog. You won't regret it.

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