Friday, January 14, 2011

Pics That Make You Appreciate Being a Steeler Fan

Hmmm ... Joey Porter's Pit Bulls trolled the Baltimore Sun's Web site this morning. It was, predictably, a waste of time.

Having found the above images, we're not quite sure what message they are sending:
  • Have Baltimore fans worked themselves into such a frenzied lather that some misguided soul festooned his lawn with a giant inflatable doll and ... purple flamingoes? HOW INTIMIDATING!
  • Another Ravens fan apparently is holding his dog hostage -- after painting the poor creature purple. The worst part is the pathetic, suffering pooch appears be on the verge of being hanged if -- if what? ... if what happens?? ... if the Ravens don't cover??? ... if Fido insists on continuing to root for the Steelers??!! Sheesh, as dog caretakers, Joey Porter's Pit Bulls just find this image disturbing. We didn't know Michael Vick had moved to Baltimore.
  • Yet another image, not worth showing, invites Ravens fans to use Big Ben's face as a dartboard. Lame.
Well, enough of THAT nonsense.

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