Thursday, January 20, 2011

Animal Rescue League Dog of the Day

One look at Simon, your heart melts.
Got the winter blues? You really need to see this good-hearted guy.

This trusting, sweet guy is gentle as can be, and he's starting to enjoy life
after entering the shelter couple of weeks ago scared, skinny and confused.

Now, Simon is interested, engaged and cheerful.
His eyes are bright, and he sure likes people and other dogs.

All Simon needs is a chance, and a home. Send an e-mail to

Visit Simon at The Animal Rescue League at Fifth and Hamilton in Shadyside, EastSide -- whatever the realtors are calling our neighborhood these days.

The shelter is just a block or so from Mellon Park, Trader Joe's and Bakery Square.
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Animal Rescue League of Western Pennsylvania
6620 Hamilton Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 15206

Tel: 412-661-6452