Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Pirates are absurd, ridiculous, disgusting, disturbing, humiliating, offensive and insulting.

The Pirates' lineup last night in Detroit was absurd.

Well, the Pirates' lineup 'most every night is absurd, but that's beside the point.

With the opportunity to have super-prospect Pedro Alvarez in the lineup screaming at them, who did the Pirates insert in the lineup at designated hitter?

Ryan Church.

That's all that needs to be said. They deserved to lose.

They -- Neal Huntington, John Russell, Frank Coonelly, Bob Nutting; i.e., the Pirates management team -- they are beating themselves.

By keeping Alvarez at Indianapolis even one more day, the Pirates are doing themselves and Alvarez a major disservice, and they are insulting the fans.

They are insulting the fans.

Not that they care.

What do they think we are, stupid? Okay, don't answer that.

Church is batting .190!

Last night, predictably, Church went oh-for-four. As designated hitter.

Last night's lineup also included Lastings Milledge in left, Aki Iwamura at second, Ryan Doumit at first and Ryan Church at DH.

Milledge, Iwamura and Doumit can't field, and Church can't hit.

Additionally, for some reason, manager John Russell shifted Neil Walker from second base -- where he'd been playing extremely well and settling in very nicely -- to start at third in place of the slumping Andy LaRoche. Walker is still learning to play second, however, and there is no future on this team for Iwamura, whose natural position, by the way, is third base, so it would have been better to leave Walker at second.

Meanwhile, Delwynn Young -- who has "DH" written all over him -- sat on the the bench. Young, who offers a left-handed bat, would have made sense at DH against the right-handed Justin Verlander, but no. Ryan Church was the DH.

If the left-handed hitting Church had to the be in the lineup, it should have been in left field, instead of the right-handed Lastings Milledge, with Young at DH.

As noted on this blog several times, Lasting Milledge can barely play defense. Ryan Church is a better defensive outfielder, but neither he nor Milledge can hit.

This team that Neal Huntington constructed is a bunch of spare parts, misfits, role players, bench players, utility players, has-beens and never-was wannabes.

Ryan Church, batting .190, at DH. That says it all.

Meanwhile, Pedro Alvarez toils on for the Indianapolis Indians. Awful thought here, but what if he gets hurt this weekend? ... playing for the Indianapolis Indians?

Imagine the hue and cry. Neal Huntington would have to snake out of town. Maybe he should, anyway.

The the whole thing is absurd, ridiculous, disgusting, disturbing, humiliating, offensive and insulting.

Not to be redundant. It just is.


bzepp said...

I think it makes sense not bringing Pedro up until tuesday. The Pirates are currently on yet another road trip from hell, and if you have a rookie batter who was up until fairly recently struggling to put up a decent average, I think it would be a mistake to not have him debut at PNC Park.

Furthermore, I think they're also doing it for the PR; these are bad times for the pirates, to state the extremely obvious, and I think they really need this to boost sales and fan interest.

I like your blog; please check mine out when you get a chance. It features pictures I take at the games, as well as analysis. I'm currently featuring photos from the Altoona Curve game this past thursday night.

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

Yeah, I see your point, but Alvarez should be with the major league club already.

It just seems to be such a transparent PR-and-marketing ploy to hold his debut until he can appear at PNC Park. I can't believe the fans would be any less excited to see him whether his first game at PNC Park is Alvarez's first in the majors, or his third or fourth. There's just no good baseball reason to keep him in the minors at this point. He could DH, if nothing else, in Detroit.

Thanks for the kind words. I checked out your blog -- nice pictures and excellent work! I've added your blog to my Pirates' blogroll on the right side. Good luck!

bzepp said...

The only thing is, what if Pedro initially struggles when he's brought up? I wouldn't be surprised if he does (especially against lefties). The thrill of seeing Pedro at PNC Park for the first time could be really dulled by going 0-15 or something.

Regardless, Pedro will figure it out here and when he does hope may begin to actually return to PNC Park. thanks for checking out my blog!