Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Perfect Ending

Only the Pirates ...

Oh, wait, we did that riff already, and only last week.

Sigh. Here we go again.

Only the Pirates could close out a loss to cap a disastrous road trip the way they did yesterday in Oakland.

Only the Pirates could could record the final out of their sixth straight loss -- their 17th straight road loss in their 17th straight losing season -- by hitting one of their own baserunners with a batted ball. In a one-run game, no less. Only the Pirates.

Has this ever happened before? Anywhere? It must have, but, still. Wow.

Let's see: Their 4-19 record so far in June, during which they've already had a 12-game losing streak in addition to the current six-game losing streak, has brought their season record to a neatly symmetrical 25-50.

For every game they've won this year, they've lost two.

But that doesn't nearly begin to tell the story. It's the way they lose -- plus all the other crap, especially the front office mis-steps, hijinks, shenanigans, chicanery and tomfoolery -- that defines your 2010 Pittsburgh Pirates.

Well, maybe not your Pittsburgh Pirates, but Neil Huntington's and Frank Coonelly's 2010 Pittsburgh Pirates.

The Laughingstock of Baseball.

Read gory details of yesterday's game in Chuck Finder's re-cap in the Post-Gazette here.


sarah said...

The Pirates could use a little kick-ass Yoda with The Force...

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

A light saber or two, also, since their bats don't seem to be working very well.