Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Still Second-Guessing That 2nd Draft Pick

Ed Bouchette's article in the P-G today highlights why the Steelers should have drafted Golden Tate instead of Jason Worilds in the second round.

Joey Porter's Pit Bulls like what we've seen and read about Emmanuel Sanders and Antonio Brown, the two draft choices, but we'd feel much better about the receiving corps if it included Golden Tate.

On the other hand, frankly,we don't know what they expect to get from Arnaz Battle, or why they even signed him. He's not a difference-maker, and he has little if any upside. He's just a guy.

Give the young fellas a chance. Also, given that Hines Ward is probably only a couple years from retirement, Golden Tate would have been a perfect candidate to groom as his replacement. He's been described as "Hines Ward with speed."

Limas Sweed was a longshot to make this team, anyway, especially after they signed Battle and Antwaan Randle-el, and followed up those veteran free-agent signings with the drafting of Sanders (from SMU) and Brown (from Central Michigan). Keep in mind that and both Sanders and Brown have a track record of success returning punts.

For that matter, JPPB would've liked for them to have drafted Dorin Dickerson, who lasted until Houston Texans drafted him in the seventh round. 'Had the Steelers drafted Dickersoon, they could have groomed him as a slot receiver, where we believe he could be a match-up nightmare.

Well, you can't draft everybody you want. It will be interesting to watch the respective careers of Golden Tate and Jason Worilds (Sean Lee, too), and see how they play out over the years.

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