Thursday, October 02, 2008

Looking forward ...

Okay. Looking foward: Running back. With Fast Willie Parler sidelined with a sprained knee, and injuries also to ALL the backups, this sounds crazy, but please, can we just settle down. And, please, let's run the ball. Run, run, run. 45-50 runs this week. We don't care who's carrying the ball -- preferably Gary Russell (for some reason Joey Porter's Pit Bulls has faith in this guy, just like we have done every step of the way with Fast Willie) -- but just run the ball.

The offensive line has shown already that it has pass protection issues. We have a $102 million quarterback who is injured. Just run the ball.

And, I don't know if this is worth writing about, but Crazy Joey Porter backed up his pre-game talk-fest last week against the loathesome Patriots and, for what it's worth, was just credited with four sacks against the beyotch QB Matt Cassell. Joey Porter's crazy. But he's not insane.

That photo, by the way, is of Shania Twain, at Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh. Just because. She fine.

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